Monday, October 20, 2008

YouTube Mondays; The Palin Rap

Well, the obvious new item on the inter-waves this Monday morn is the instantly classic Palin rap courtesy of one of the weirdest SNL episodes in recent memory. I still can't watch this clip without LOSING it when the moose waltzes onto the set, but dang did Poehler own that. Without further adieu..

But while that's as fantastic as it is, I spent more time this weekend memorized by this wacky little music video from Phoenix, Az band Miniature Tigers. A fun little indie band to keep an eye on, no doubt, but this quirky little Michel Gondry-style vid directed by JD Ryznar (Yacht Rock infamy) is one of the more poignant musiv vid's to catch my eye recently. Like seriously, how can you deny any video with a mustachioed brute who makes a guitar appear out of spontaneous combustion to rip into a killer solo? So sick!

Any other good music videos floating around recently? Please share in the comments. I'm hungry for that sort of thing right now.

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